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‘Nikki’ is a heartfelt tribute penned by Harman Cherra, dedicated to the extraordinary life of his late mother, who passed away seven years ago. Her story is one of remarkable resilience and tenacity. Born in Punjab, India, Nikki courageously journeyed to America at 16, marking the beginning of her inspiring path.

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There is nothing more special or unconditional than the love of a mother. In the section below, you can get an exclusive look at the chapters from the author’s new book, Nikki. The book will give you an idea about the admiration and respect that Harman Cherra has for his mother.

About The Author

Harman Cherra

Harman Cherra is a dedicated father and respected healthcare professional, profoundly influenced by his mother, Nikki’s legacy. As he delves deep into the complexities of the healthcare world, Harman is also passionate about crafting stories that strike a chord, spotlighting the infinite dimensions of love and the unwavering might of the human spirit. His memoir, echoing the episodes of his mother’s life, emerges as a symbol of tenacity and enduring spirit.

Beyond his professional commitments and literary pursuits, Harman treasures time with his family, notably with his son, Jaiden. An enthusiast of global travel, authentic Indian dishes, and the rhythmic beauty of dance, Harman’s diverse passions depict a man richly intertwined with his heritage and the world.

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In his debut book, ‘Nikki,’ Harman Cherra presents a stirring exploration of his mother’s life. He offers a powerful testament to her resilience, capturing her relentless determination and positivity amidst adversity. Serving as both a heartfelt memoir and a source of inspiration, ‘Nikki’ is a tribute to the transformative power of hard work, underscoring the potential within each of us to shape our destiny, irrespective of our circumstances.

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Watch the official trailer of one of the most touching and inspiring stories you will ever read. Harman Cherra takes the opportunity to share a story with the world that truly defines the word “superhero.” Click the icon to find out more about what the book will feature.


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