“Nikki” is a heartfelt tribute penned by Harman Cherra, honoring the life and legacy of his late mother, Nikki, who left us seven years ago. Born in Punjab, India, Nikki embarked on a journey to America at the tender age of 16. Her first steps in the US took her to Yuba City, California, where her indomitable spirit shone through as she swiftly adapted to her new life, starting to work in the fields just a day after her arrival.

In 1982, Nikki married and moved to San Jose, CA, where she began to lay the foundation of her family and career. Ascending the ranks in the Technology Industry as an Auditor, Nikki’s professional achievements were as diverse as they were significant, taking her across the globe. Yet, her successes were never confined to her professional life. Nikki was an ever-present beacon of inspiration for all who knew her, consistently lending a hand to those in need, particularly within her family.

With a radiant smile and an unwavering determination, Nikki was an extraordinary woman who navigated life’s ups and downs with grace and fortitude. Even when faced with late-stage ovarian cancer at the age of 52, her resilience remained unbroken. She battled the disease head-on while continuing to work, spreading love and motivation to all those around her.

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In his debut book, ‘Nikki,’ Harman Cherra presents a stirring exploration of his mother’s life. He offers a powerful testament to her resilience, capturing her relentless determination and positivity amidst adversity. Serving as both a heartfelt memoir and a source of inspiration, ‘Nikki’ is a tribute to the transformative power of hard work, underscoring the potential within each of us to shape our destiny, irrespective of our circumstances.

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